About Continents Apart

“Help somebody achieve their goals and you will have a client and a friend for life.” -Steven J. Husak, CEO


E-commerce is the fastest growing retail segment in the USA as well as worldwide and Continents Apart, LLC consistently innovates to provide customer-centric solutions through open collaboration with industry partners. Our focus has always been to provide the best drop shipping support service to our customers by building long-lasting relationships that bring forth mutual business growth. Based on these value propositions, we are committed to developing productivity through streamlined process channels that acknowledge the challenges and bridges the gap between vendors and retailers. In addition, our aim has always been to become the best drop shipping service providers of choice and best partners for new and existing vendors seeking representation in the broad platform of eCommerce marketplaces. For retailers, we commit to providing efficient and flexible service that meets and exceed the demands of their business needs, leading towards becoming a brand of choice among retailers.


Continents Apart, LLC is a nationwide, independent sales organization that specializes in working with national and regional accounts within the home furnishings, gift and licensed sports products for drop shipping. Our infrastructure allows us to focus on the individual retailer’s customer requirements.

We work with TV home shopping and internet retail accounts. While all channels have their differences, the goals and challenges are very similar. We work together with partners in creating an excellent in-store experience that appeals to customers and provide a seamless and efficient fulfillment channel to ensure on-time delivery for utmost customer satisfaction resulting in brand loyalty.

We give access to the wide range of drop ship program to our customers to complement their present product range and spare the retailer the hassle of reaching out to vendors such as manufacturers and importers to make arrangements for drop ship set up. We have this down to an art, providing complete details with all the drop ship, pricing, descriptions, high-resolution photography, shipping in two business days unless otherwise noted. You will see the differences before you order that product on your website. Prompt tracking, blind shipping and up to date inventory reports. We have become #1 in this business because we have over 15 years of expertise in the drop shipping service business.

While it’s nice to speak about principles, sometimes pleasing to know that you’re working with the industry’s most experienced team, a team that can adapt to the rapidly shifting paradigms as our industry evolves. Trends, technology, and even sources are developing. We pride ourselves in making sure we’re not just ahead of the curve, we create the curve.

Our team works with some of the most renowned names in the lighting, furniture, rugs, art, accessories, gifts and licensed sports products. Our team is familiar with the requirements of large drop ship accounts, and all of them are top notch drop shipping service providers who drop ship direct to consumer. Our channels of distribution tend to set the pace for the rest of the industry. That being the case, your needs are bound to be the first to change. Usually, our experts are your advocates with the vendors that we represent. In many ways, we look at these changes as challenges and opportunities for growth and use our extensive knowledge of our vendors and our upper management contacts to work to find a solution that will meet every retailer’s needs. We look forward to learning the intricacies of your business and helping you achieve your objectives.


We are working to explore new products for our retailers while building long-term relationships and maintaining the integrity of how we operate as a business. At the same time, we extremely careful about the vendors that we represent.

If you do not currently offer drop shipping, but want to move into the fastest growing retail channel without carrying new inventory, we provide free consultancy to our vendor partners.

After you make a contractual commitment to work with us, you should know upfront that we place very high-stakes on the best interest of our vendors and retailers. Developing this channel of distribution requires a serious commitment from both of our teams as well as your entire organization. We typically work with a member of your executive management team and have a more accessible point of contact for daily operations.

We currently work with the household names as well as niche players in television and online shopping retailers across numerous categories and the number is increasing on a regular basis.