Continents Apart partners with North American Based Wedgewood Furniturefor the distribution of its line of Pack-flat Tool Free assembled Bamboo Furniture.

SARASOTA, FL USA FEB 24,2012: Continents Apart, LLC, The Drop Ship Reps ,, has come to an agreement as exclusive drop ship reps for Wedgewood Furniture by GWC Design Inc.

Wedgewood Furniture, produces Pack-Flat Tool-Free assembled furniture from environmentally friendly Bamboo Plywood.

According to Gifford Cochran, President of Wedgewood/GWC Design, “As the most significant producer of pack-flat tool-free furniture to emerge recently, we are looking forward to working with Continents Apart to get the word out about our lines of sustainably produced well thought out furniture.”  He went on to say, “Wedgewood Furniture has a unique new approach to producing, assembling shipping and storing well designed, sustainably produced furniture. The issue was then how to get this exciting new product to market. That is where Continents Apart comes in. We have found the enthusiasm of CEO Steven Husak to be contagious. We are as excited to work with them as they are with us.”

Steven Husak, CEO of Continents Apart says, “The products are perfect for what we do.  They are drop shippable and come in UPS/FedEx friendly flat packaging, shipping in two business days from Texas.  Current and future products may now be seen on our website at  We especially love the fact that they assemble tool free, are exceptionally sturdy and utilize 100% environmentally safe renewable resources.  They are for indoor and outdoor use with very little maintenance required and have a limited lifetime warranty.”

About Wedgewood Furniture

Wedgewood Furniture produces Pack-Flat Tool-Free assembled furniture that they machine from 1” bamboo plywood. Most of the bamboo plywood furniture on the market is produced using ¾” material, making it significantly less sturdy. Additionally, there is nobody else out there producing furniture that goes together like Wedgewood. Their Patented assembly system is unique and infinitely more robust than anything else on the market.
GWC Design Inc. / Wedgewood Furniture was founded by Gifford Cochran, Diego Arevalo and Erick Balderas. Gifford and Diego do the design work and Erick is the business mind behind the venture. Gifford, who has a background in art and architectural design, has built custom furniture for the last 20 years. A number of years ago he came up with a, now patented, system to assemble furniture using integral hooks and wedges. Nothing else. His initial designs of tables and seating pieces form the Palladian Line. Diego studied at the University Anáhuac North Mexico.He has 18 years experience in industrial, furniture and merchandising display design. His more contemporary design esthetic has been instrumental in creating variations and additional pieces based off the Wedgewood System. Erick, with an MBA fromEm Lyon Business School in France keeps the team organized, fiscally conscious and on track.

At Wedgewood Furniture, customer service is of paramount importance. Thus, upholding the values of team spirit, respect, courtesy, and reliability is the goal.